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Parks Day in Canada

17 Jul

Today is Parks Day Canada wide

So grab your gear and get outside

Head to a park close at hand

And dig your toes into the sand

If fishing or trapping is a hobby of yours

You must remember to respect the shores

Rules and regulations are set for a reason

So be sure to pay attention to the season

If heed my warnings, you do not

If is you my friend, who might get caught!

Happy Parks Day Canada!


World Oceans Day

8 Jun

Happy World Oceans Day!

BP is an oiler spoiler

4 May

Today on Daily Planet I saw a familiar sight, the BIO (Bedford Institute of Oceanography) where I did some contract work last year. Construction is great but when you really want to be working in the conservation industry you feel like a schmuck nailing nails with leading edge ocean conservation work is going on around you. Because I was always interested in their work I was lucky enough to get a few tours of most of the facility but some things remained a mystery to me.

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