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Teacup Yorkie vs. plastic bag

11 Sep

I found this little treat on Brand Republic’s top ten viral videos for August.

My favorite line:

“Meanwhile our little bag has encountered one of nature’s most deadly killers, the Teacup Yorkie. Once the Yorkie has locked onto its victim there is very little hope of survival. But using its superior size and deft maneuvering our little bag manages to escape the Yorkie’s talons and flee for its life.”


BP makes blogging easy

29 May

It’s hard to believe we haven’t been blogging every day with the amount of material BP provides. But c’mon my fish-loving friends – it’s been 30+ degrees in Toronto all week. L-A-K-E!

This was something I couldn’t resist though. As BP execs sit with their fingers and toes crossed, hoping their most recent attempt to plug the Deepwater Horizon gusher with golf balls and old tires works,  a Twitter prankster is keeping more than 83 thousand followers laughing at their expense.

Whoever it is behind the account has not only 10 times the amount of followers as BP themselves, but they’re also branded. Who knows how many people think these comments are actually coming from BP.

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If it were Newfoundland

10 May

Today I found a Google Earth manipulation created by Paul Rademacher, an engineering manager for Google Maps. His tool automatically zooms to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and gives you a visual of how much area the spill actually covers. Then, you can lay it over cities to give you a perspective the area it would affect if it were on land.

Suggested cities included Manhattan or Paris, but I thought I would see what it would look like if a disaster of this magnitude hit St. John’s, Newfoundland. Hibernia is an offshore oil field only 315 km southeast of St. John’s and hosts one of the largest offshore oil rigs in North America. It is expected to produce 1,200 million barrels of oil in it’s lifetime. The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is polluting at a rate of 5,000 to 25,000 barrels a day right now.

This image gives a pretty good perspective of what a disaster like this could look like for Newfoundland. It doesn’t look like it would take long for it to fill up the narrows, or beautiful Conception Bay where Humpback Wales visit during their migration.

Hopefully Danny Williams and company are watching this with eagle eyes, eager to adopt crisis management best practices to protect the Grand Banks of Newfoundland as they continue to harvest oil from not just Hibernia, but White Rose, Terra Nova and the upcoming Hebron which last I heard was suppose to lift off this year.