BP makes blogging easy

29 May

It’s hard to believe we haven’t been blogging every day with the amount of material BP provides. But c’mon my fish-loving friends – it’s been 30+ degrees in Toronto all week. L-A-K-E!

This was something I couldn’t resist though. As BP execs sit with their fingers and toes crossed, hoping their most recent attempt to plug the Deepwater Horizon gusher with golf balls and old tires works,  a Twitter prankster is keeping more than 83 thousand followers laughing at their expense.

Whoever it is behind the account has not only 10 times the amount of followers as BP themselves, but they’re also branded. Who knows how many people think these comments are actually coming from BP.

As you can see – it would be easy to mistaken them for the company themselves. With both accounts unverified and branded, first glance tells you you’ve found BP’s global PR team:

Ah! But then have a look at some of their tweets. You might think it’s a little strange that they would say:

But then completely improbable that they would say:



And our favorite:

Others have taken the BP tweets to the next level – creating great ready-made billboards! How kind. Check them out here. Seriously. They’re the best.

So for our readers today, just remember: #bpcares. And for BP: for gosh sakes… verify your account!


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